Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Web-cam Caught Aina's Friends

Today I came back later than aina, whose school dismisses at 12 noon.

When I arrived home, the house was noisier than normal - even worse than when all family members were present.

I tried to calculate the number of friends Aina took home, but failed. Several were in our little and miserable lounge, a couple in the room upstairs, and a couple more in the back room, or maybe the bathroom.

What's the occasion, you might ask. Her school finishes at 12 noon every Friday, but at 2.30pm there are extra classes for the kids to attend (parents pay for these). Aina has never joined such classes before, but since she's in Primary 5 this year, I thought, why not.. And we only registered her for the religious subjects (i.e. Fri afternoons only. The other subjects have their sessions on Saturday morning).

Anyway, back to my story for today, I came up to my room, check our webcam, and managed to see some of them as there were arriving:

Not all her friends who came were getting prepared for their extra cllasses. Some waited for their parents to fetch them, instead of at the school which is only 200m away, they come to our house to fetch their daughters :-)
Here's one caught by our webcam:

Now all of them have gone back to school, and the house is quiet again :-(

Personally, I think Aina is lucky to have the school so near to home!


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