Thursday, February 28, 2008

GE 12

That's "12th General Election" for Malaysia. I am proud to say that out of the previous 11, I've voted 4 times :-)
This time round, it'll be my 5th.

But I am not proud to say that the coverage given to all parties is far from fair :-(

Try reading at or any of the main stream newspapers or watch the tv channels, what do you get? Biased coverage, of course! And the government had the cheek to say that there is no unfair playing field? My f**t!!

It's only 9 days to the polling day, and what do I see most, along the streets? These faces (as if we don't know them!):

A close-up:

Don't we all know them? Why must their pix be put up all around the neighbourhood? I guess the pix of the candidates for the parliamentary as well as the state seats are still not out of the printing house?

Talking about the posters, I think they are unnecessary, not-environmental-friendly and really a waste of money! 30 or so years ago, I can understand the function of the posters, as many eligible voters then were illiterate. They need to know which symbol to vote for, and some of the old folks then relate the presence of the posters as the indicator of the popularity of the party, i.e. the more posters they have, the more popular they are.

But now? When most of the voters are literate, with quite a huge percentage of them are professionals (at least here in Shah Alam), why do we need all these posters? We want to hear facts and figures, and real issues too!

I suddenly am reminded of the general election in Adelaide in the 1980s when I was a student there. There were very few posters, and almost all of them are pictures of the candidates who were running for the election - at least the posters helped the locals to recognize the faces of the people they were going to vote!


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