Saturday, April 28, 2007

Most kids are Home!!

Three days a go two sons came home. Yesterday (Friday 27th) 2 more came home. NOw everybody is still awake - quite a re-union. No.3 is not home. He can't afford to since next WEdnesday he will have his first IB examination -since it is an international exam, despite the Wesak replacement the exam on WEdnesday is still on.

Yesterday we went to no.4's school is Sg Gadut , Seremban for a price giving ceremony, after which we could take him home immediately. Some pix taken:

on 2nd thought, the internet connection is so slow... so later lah i put up the pix

Thursday, April 26, 2007

26 April 2007

Today's is the installation of the 13Th King for Malaysia. The government offices are all closed. So are the banks. The private sectors operate as usual. One frien of mine said "as if the King is only for the government people only.." - expressing disappointment for having to work today!!

2 of my kids came home last night. two more will ocme home tomorrow. Only one who's going to sit for the IB exam can't come home - poor him. THe examination is global and starts on the 2nd on May!!

I was supposed to join to MGT (Mini-get-together) of the SAHMs but I totally forgot about it. That's another sign of old age?? sigh...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Klinik Zuhaimi

That clinic is in Kg Jawa, Klang. If you are coming from Klang town, it's on your right soon after you pass by Kolej Islam.

The clinic belongs to an old school pal of mine. Like 2 years ago, this morning DH and I visited the clinic for our routine check-up - including the extensive blood tests. We had to fast for at least 9 hours last night before our blood was taken, to be sent to the lab later today.

Soon after the check-up, we adjourned to the next door restaurant for a delicious brunch of Kelantanese delights :-)
Zuhaimi would have joined us, but there were other patients waiting to see him..

While I am still on the subject of blood tests, the last time we had them was exactly 2 years and 1 week ago!! It can't be wrong as it is recorded by Zuhaimi himself :-)
We were given the clean bill of health after that test (way back in 2005), except for our potassium level. Normally in health-related articles, the importance of pottasium is well stressed. We are reccommended to take food such as bananas and potatoes to get enough supply of pottasium. However, OURS is a bit too high for comfort :-(

Come to think of it, we used to have a constant supply of bananas at home. There's always a banana ready whenever we are not in the mood for heavy dinner. We also relied a lot on bananas when we're on a trip where it's difficult to get halal food.

So, we had to cut down on our bananas consumption.. Today, 2 years on, I hope our pottasium level will be lower and more favourable for a clean bill of heath.. Let's wait for the results...