Sunday, June 24, 2007

Farisians Class of 1982 - Their Silver Jubilee

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited (to help manage the kids' activities) to the above function. When I was asked by Salwana, I did not hesitate to give a positive response -who would want to miss the chance of meeting up my 3-yr juniors, most of whom I have not met since I left our alma-mater (they were then at their youthful age of only 14 yrs old!!)

True enough, I was not disappointed. So many of them turned up, many of whom i couldn't recognise at all (I could not recognise most of the guys) but I was happy to know I could still recognise some of the faces - their features just do not change!!

I will upload some of the pix later (the internet is so slow roght now - 2pm, Sunday)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bangkok and Ayutthaya

The last time I visited Bangkok (the only time too) was in November 1998. It was much cooler then. Now is summer, and the following day I found out how hot it could be.

On our second day (Saturday, 16th June), as planned, Siriwan came to fetch us with her husband, Witnai. Since it wa s going to be 6 of us, they came in their Nissan Cefiro (a bit older that the Altis, but with more space). DH, Bok, Aina and i fit in fine at the back seat (with some re-arranging and adjustment).

Our destination for the day was Ayutthaya!! Ever since I got to know Siriwan during our CICC-Japan days, I've told her that the next time I visit Bangkok I'd love to visit Ayutthaya, so that was where were heading that day!!

DH has blogged here and here.

A big thank you to Siriwan and Witnai for the hospitality!! Both of you really made our trip very memorable. I am sorry that Siriwan was not well and had to drive us around. We hope to see both of them again in the future, preferably in Malaysia! :-)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cikgu Bahar's Place

Last Sunday I attended Cikgu Bahar's daughter's wedding. A few other friends were there too, namely Ahmad Hilmy aka AHA, Roslan Ghani, Mat Kamil, Dr Zuhaimi, Nury and Wan Hasamudin.

We purposely arrived at 4pm (the reception was between 12 noon and 5pm) so that cikgu would have more time to chat with us. True enough, the buffet was cleared while we were there :-)

Group photo:
Roslan Gani, Kamil Musa, Ahmad Hilmy, Cikgu, W Hasamudin, moi, Nury, Nurul (anak WH) & Dr Norzuhaimi

more pix will be uploaded later.


We took the Air Asia plane on Thursday evening, arriving at Bangkok about 2 hours later.

The Thai immigration was one of the slowest I've encountered lately (the slowest to me was in Saudi way back in 1988, and also when we went for our Haj in 2003).

DH had a pleasant surprise at the immigration counter. On seeing Dh's passport stating his place of birth as "Kelantan", the office asked him "Boleh Kecek Kelate ko?" (can you speak Kelantanese?). He told DH that he came from Sg Golok! :-)

Outside the airport, my dear friend Siriwan was already waiting for us. She then took us in her Corolla Altis to our B&B place, Ban Tarinee. Siriwan booked the place for us. I have to say that the place is really nice, cosy, homely and very private!

The next day, Siriwan came to fetch us at 9am, as promised. We went downtown, and parked at the Thammasat University compound. WE then walked via a crowded (but very interesting street) towards The Grand Palace. I have been here before, when I first visited Bangkok in November 1998. We thought it'd be good for Bok and Aina to visit the landmark. It was a very hot day (in "summer"), and before long DH, Bok and me each got terrible headache. I think DH had a heat stroke. We lost so much water but I guess didn't replenish enough. We soon adjourned to MBK Mall for lunch in a cooler place!

Anyway, some of the pix:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off to Bangkok

After "trip"-less April and May, today we are going for another cheap holiday, and the destination is Bangkok.

We are leaving later today, and will only come back on Sunday - in time for Cikgu Bahar's wedding do for his daughter.

I hope this trip will be as axciting as the trips before such as those Angkor Wat, Hanoi and Jakarta. If in Hanoi we got to meet (and being entertained by) my CICC-friends Mr Hiep & Mr Binh, and in Jakarta there were Yudi and his wonderful family, this time I am going to meet another good CICC-friend, Siriwan.

I will blog again when I get back.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Petrosains Closes on Mondays!!

Yes, Petrosains closes on Mondays!!

How did we find out? We were at KLCC last Monday with the intention to visit Petrosains. The kids got ready very early in the morning. After sending my old faithful Mitsubishi Spacewagon to the workshop, DH sent me and the 4 kids (no.2, no.4, no.5 and no.6) to Bangsar station to catch the LRT to KLCC.

I had earlier made an arrangement to meet a friend, R. When we arrived at KLCC, the kids had A&W for lunch but I had nothing (if you don't count a few sips of A&W float from my kid's serving).
Soon R arrived with her teenage daughter F. We couldn't decide where to eat - it was lunch time and almost every eatery was jam packed (good business indeed!). Finally we managed to find an empty table at the Secret Recipe, so we had our lunch there. By then, my kids have found out that Petrosians was closed and they decided to queue up for the tickets for "Shrek the 3rd". They only managed to get tickets the 3.20pm show!

I had a good time with R and F that day. Soon it was time to part, and we had to do the afternoon prayers first before we went to the cinema.

We enjoyed the movie, but personally I think the first Shrek movie is still the best among them.

When the movie ended at 5.15pm, we wasted no time in getting to the train station - we just beat the peak hour jam!. We took the train to Taman Jaya station (near Amcorp Mall), and waited for DH to take us back to S Alam.

As for Petrosains - well... I guess we have to go again some other time...

p/s: i was reminded of a similar experience way back in Dec 1992. I was in Paris, and as DH attended to some meetings, I occupied myself by taking a walk round the Eiffel Tower area. I even walked to La Place dela Concorde and Louvre (I thought I could visit the famous "Mona Lisa"). The saddest part was that it was a Tuesday and Louvre closes on Tuesdays!! I was very frustrated and walked back to Holiday Inn (where we were staying) passing through the Latin Quarters. Quite an afternoon walk (from 10am until abt 3pm!) - and I was 5 months pregnant!

Friday, June 01, 2007

"Shrek"-ing Tupperware!!

Today Tupperware has re-started their sales at ALL distributor outlets.
It is a special event because starting today, Tupperware is an MLM direct-selling company, with different incentives and packages for their existing dealers (now knowns as consultants).

After a closure of over 10 days (since 20th May), today's opening was waited by many faithful Tupperware fans. To make it more exciting, Tupperware is also offering the sales of selected Tupperware products with Shrek characters on them, as shown in the following pix (click on the pix to get a bigger pix):

extract from the latest Tupperware campaign catalog

Not to be left out, this morning I visited the Tupperware distributor in Taipan, USJ. After 1.5 hours, I emerged out of the shop with a few sets of Shrek's containers!! These are limited edition items, and i wonder how long its stock will last!!