Monday, December 31, 2007

The Creators of the Paper Boats

Admiring their boats?

Paper Boats

Whose are those?

Rain Rain Go Away..

It's been raining continuously from dusk today. Could it be the 2nd wave of the monsoon rain? We hope the road to Gua Musang and hence Kuala Lumpur will remain open until tomorrow afternoon, at least.

Bubbles Time

Aina enjoying the bubble blow.

Grandpa Noh

He took the last round.

Pulut Kuning

The grandma feeding her granddaughter her favourite glutinous rice, at the door? Nice picnic feeling.

Indoor Games Only

It's raining outside, so the kids keep themselves inside only. We are now at their grandparents' home in Kota Bharu.

Car Wash on a Rainy Day

After a few months, the poor is finally having a good wash. On a rainy day, but under the shade?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ku Mikhail

Miki at Fraser's Hill.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Shopping Outing

Next week the new school year will start. The kids need to get a few new personal effects, last night so we headed to Jaya Jusco, Bukit Raja, Klang.

The boys got themselves new watches - hmm.... how many watches have they (well, Nafis in particular) lost? Really, we lost count!

Nuni and I took the opportunity to get ourselves a pair of sandals each :-)

I only remember to snap a couple of pix. This one of Nuni trying the sandal:

Kids waiting and looking bored:
But later they got their shoes from the nearby Bata outlet.

Caught DH paying at the cashier:

Later we had dinner at my favourite Nando's. I tried to snap a panoramic pic (i.e. stitched up pictures), but it didn't turn out well :

3 pix stitched together.

This one is from DH:
Aina & Nafis

Today more trips were made to other outlets to get them other stuff.
Also finally, Aina's school fees were paid today too.

I still have a lot more to do, but I am just not in the mood :-(

Tomorrow we will start our journey back to our hometown Kota Bharu, only to come back next year (well.... I mean 1st January 2008)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Congratulations Nafis!!

from left: Nukman, Nafis, Aina

My 4th child, Nafis, today received his PMR results. He scored 8As, together with other 118 candidates from his school. The school did very well this year with 119 candidates out of 145 who sat for the exam scored all As. I was also informed that for Mathematics, History and Living Skills, ALL students actually scored As!

Next year will be Nukman's turn to sit for his PMR :-)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cold and damp

There's condensation on the fridge door!


Bok said he didn't do this one!

Bok's Creation

Bok couldn't resist unstacking the fries boxes which i had stacked.

Almost Full House

Only Ayi who's in Canada is not here. Another Burger King lunch on our way to Fraser's Hill.

Eventful Weekends for 2 Months!

Well... to be exact, even since the school holidays started on 17th Nov, there has been no weekends that was spend totally at home!! No wonder the house is in a mess :-(

Let me re-cap (togethe with the planned future trips):

8 Nov-11Nov (the weekend before he school holidays) - I was in Port Dickson for a training.
17th Nov - Attended hubby's friend's wedding in Taiping
22 Nov - 25 Nov - Chiangmai trip
1 Dec - 2Dec - Went to Fraser's Hill
8 Dec - 9 Dec - Visited Nuni in Penang
15 Dec - A Wedding in Kuak
20 Dec - Raya in Muar
22 Dec - Visited my cousins in Segamat
23-25 Dec - To Fraser's Hill again
29Dec - 1 Dec - Back to Kelantan

11Jan - 13 Jan - Trip to Acheh

Time really flies!

A Day Trip To Batu Anam, Segamat

Yesterday I made a day-trip to Batu Anam, Segamat, with my daughter Nuni and son Bok.

I went to a cousin's house, to meet her as well as her sister ( Kak Timah) who came back for the weekend from Singapore.

I have to say that hese two are my favourite cousins, especially K Timah, who used to take care of me when I was a small kid way back in the late 1960s in Singapore. Even when i was much bigger (in the 1970s) I enjoyed going to Singapore to visit her - she really took good care of me.

K Timah is ow 68 years old, but she is still as cheerful and chirpy as ever. Even Bok and Nuni are comfortable with her and found her charming. Her husband passed away some years ago, and she now spends her time between her daughters' houses - both living in Singapore.

I try to put up some pix later, when Nuni e-mail them to me.
I know... I know... 've yet to finish uploading the Chiangmai pix :-(

Friday, December 21, 2007

Aisyah's New Blog

On the eve of Eidil Adha, I visited Aisyah (who lives only 4 min-drive away from me). The last time I went there was before Eidil Fitr! She's a very busy lady.

That night, I sat down with her to create another blog for her (we created one for her some time ago, but she has forgotten the password!).

This morning I am glad to see that she has started her postings :-)

Aisyah is one of my "new" friends - new is defined as somebody I've known for less than 5 years, Nik Elin whom I met during my haj is another one, as well as those from SAHP group.

I met aisyah when I was in UNISEL. She was (and still is) in charged of the marketing, and I used to help her out with her marketing trips. We had some memorable outings (and they are very exhausting too - sometimes we started as early as 8 am to get the booth ready and stayed all the way until 9 or 10 pm!).

I managed to find some of the pix while we were in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching:

In KK - Lim Bandang(the talles guy in the pic) who's an alumnus of UNISEL helped us a lot while we were there. Aisyah is the one in "tiger-striped" baju kurung

So did another alumnus, Jalil (the guys who's wearing the blue UNISEL jacket).

At the Sabah Faoundation Building

In Kuching (aisyah in orange)

What a Raya that was!

With 4 of my kids and their little cousins in Alor Gajah. Sorry Nuni, your face couldn't fit into the pic!

We got home over an hour ago, i.e. just before midnight. Left nafis with Bok at Bok's place in Cyberjaya. We had a great day. Good night everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hubby with his Nephew

Hubby is looking at his sister's family's latest travel pix.


The town's mainroad with Mount Ledang in the background.

Downtown Sungai Mati

Next destination is Malacca. We are passing this town on our way there.

Somebody Gave me in 1978 or 1979

Found this on the wall. This was given to me by a friend, I think it was Rosilah.

Taking a Breather

At my cousin's house in Serom, Muar. I used to spend my school holidays here in the 70r?


Another sleeping beauty.

Nafis with his favourite Sister

Still in the journey..

Aidil Adha Morning

People are getting ready for the qurban while we are going to visit some relatives down south in Muar and Malacca.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

At Optimum Power

The nice guy of the place.

Added on Thurs at 9.43pm:
The above blog was done at the Tupperware Shop in Section 24, Shah Alam. I was demonstrating to Herman (the guy in the pic) how I could take a pic from my Sony Ericsson phone and publish/blog directly :-)

Cattles for Qurban

On my way out i saw this cattle among Several others at the playing field near our mosque.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rush Hour at KL Sentral

Am queueing for LRT. Really reminds me of the rush hour in Tokyo that i experienced for 7 weeks in 2004.

Waiting For The Train

View of the Shah Alam station from the overhead bridge. I hope the train is not late again!

My temporary work station

But now i'm going for lunch.

Dr Faridah's Office

I'm enjoying my morning here in UM.

added on 26 Dec:
Many people thought that I was on an official visit here. Actually, Dr Faridah is an old friend (a very close one too) from our PPP, UITM days. That day we planned to have lunch together at the University House's Cafe, but because it was also her last day at work for the year, there were so many other people who wanted to see/talk to her.

So, I ended up surfing the Internet using one of her PCs.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

View from the check-in hall

The check-in hall used to be one of the departure lounges, Gate 30 to be exact.

The new tenant of Terminal 3

I think this airport will strive again. Hubby is flying to Penang today, to drive his 2 girls home later today - see previous posts.

Terminal 3

Wow, what a feeling! It's been some time since we were last here. It's been having low-traffic (mainly from Berjaya Air and the chopper services) since air Asia moved to LCCT.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here they come!

The grooms are brothers and their mum is hubby's first cousin.

Arrival of the bride and groom

We stationed ourselves under a tree, near the ice cream man, and saw the convoy that belongs to the first couple arriving, all the way from Penang.

Wedding at Kg Kelantan

Early this morning we headed north to attend a wedding of a cousin's 2 son's. The place is near Lenggong, Perak.

I am too lazy to rewrite about Kampung(Kg) Kelantan (Kelantan Village), so here's the edited version of what I wrote in SEMESTA's forum:

To be exact, DH's great-grand-uncle, by the name of Lebai Saat(who was educated in Patanni, Southern Thai) went to the state of Perak (via southern Thai and back into Malaysia) to look for his uncle, Tok Kik. He didn't meet him, but instead met a local lass and settled down there and opened Kg Kelantan. He then took in DH's uncle, Kawi, as his son-in-law. The grooms today are Kawi's grandsons. The people there speak a mixture of Kelantan and Perak dialect - can you imagine that??

This house is over 140 years old - build by Kawi:

Behind the house is part of the Lake Chenderoh - formed by the dam of the same name. Now Abang Bakar, Kawi's son, rear various fishes in it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Choc Snowdrops Again...

Eid Adha is only 6 days away, Nuni is still not home, so, I've decided to start making the ugly looking cookies myself (for better or worse).

And yes, I beat the mixture manually!! No electric mixer... I've yet to replace the old hand-held Philip mixer that I bought when I was a student in early 1980s that went kaput a few years ago...

Here's the mixture after adding in the flour, cocoa powder and chopped almond.

Will put up the pic of the finished product later... Now I have to refrigerate it, before I can continue.. See here for the recipe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Eventless Public Holiday

Yes, today is a public holiday for the state of Selangor (where I reside). But DH works in the Federal Teritory, so, he's working as usual.

Initially I wanted to have an outing with a friend at Ikea, but since she's not free, I've opted to stay home and catch up with so many house works that are overdue :-(

Talking about Ikea, it's not so much about shopping there, but the Ikano shopping mall adjacent to it is so nice to spend some time unwinding... And across the street (they even have underground crossing), is another huge shopping mall, The Curve. The bookshop (Borders) can easily kill a couple of my precious hours :-)
Eating places are in abundance. Great variety too. But then again, a simple meal at the Ikea cafe is good enough for me :-)

But then, today I won't be going there, so I'll just keep it in mind, the next time I am free, I'll go there. Furthermore, Aina loves to go there too, so what fun do I have if I go without Aina (who's in Penang with her sister now.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Good Luck to Both Nuni and Aina :-)

Today we left Penang and headed home, but without Aina!!

She has decided to stay back with her big sis, until next Sunday, when hubby will fly to Penang, to take both of them home in Nuni's wira (well, hubby's wira, that he had loaned to Nuni).

The last time Aina was away from us was when she agreed to stay back with her cousins in Melaka, but that was soem years ago...

I personally think it was a brave move of Aina to be with Kak Nuni.

And before I forget, Good Luck to K Nuni, who'll have exams until at least Friday!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

At Kak Nuni's Place

Watching soccer.