Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tawau and Semporna

Last Friday evening, DH, Aina and me flew to Tawau for another of our Cuti-cuti Malaysia outing. My bro-in-law came along with his wife and their 5-month old Alif. So did both my mum-in-law(MIL) and pa-in-law(PIL).

When we arrived at the Tawau Hotel, it was just about 9pm, but the area was so deserted!! My first impression was, hmm... never mind about my first impression :)

The following morning, after taking our breakfast at a nearby Mamak stall, we visited the Pasar Gantung Tawau. Not satisfied with what was there, we asked around, and the locals told us about the Pasar Gantung (yeah! that's the one that we read in the Internet earlier! Gantung & Tanjung, people can easily mistake the two).

Pasar Gantung reminds me of the stalls in Rantau Panjang. Since I was not looking for anything in particular, I just walked around. Being a lady, despite 'not wanting to purchase anything', I still incurred the a total damage of slightly over RM100!

That day (Saturday), we didn't do much. After visiting Pasar Gantung, we came back to our hotel room, and it started to rain and rain - it lasted until maghrib time. That night we went out to have some sea food behind the Plaza Sabindo.

Early on Sunday morning, we checked out, and we had a Honda Stream wating for us! We were renting it for half a day (7am-7pm).

With the Honda, we managed to go a bit further for our breakfast - we had very nice local 'nasi kuning' (yellow rice).

Breakfast done, we moved on to Semporna!!
me in the rented Honda Stream - nice number too!
to be continued...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Meeting the Target, and maintaining the momentum!

I bet everyday, we have at least one target to be reached/achieved, be it large or small. I can go on and on with the possible list entries - must clear the computer table, get all the ironing done, get rid of the old clothes/shoes, clear the storeroom, send a birthday card to so-and-so... It's endless!!

One of my targets since the beginning of January was to qualify to be a manager of Tupperware. The post is nothing, really, but it was something that drove me to work harder than normal - calling frens, talking about the benefits of becoming a Tupperware dealer or manager, why use Tupperware products, etc.... And finally I met that particular target yesterday!!

Not so much in monetory reward but it was more of a "do it for fun" thingy- though going through the total purchases by friends/downlines and keeping up with the orders were not easy task s. Nor having to deliver the products to friends..

However, I managed to do them, and honestly I enjoyed doing them. For once, I have an excuse to meet up old friends! When I get to meet them, it's not purely Tupperware business.. I get to talk to friends about our kids, about our daily lives, and sharing our experiences. But the best part is that I get to share with them what I have learnt about Tupperware products.

Since early January too, I have been attending the Tupperware meets regularly (was only absent when I had to travel). During these meets, I get to know more friends, who share the passion for Tupperware too! No, we don't just talk about Tupperware, we also talk about other (not so heavy) stuff. We exchange recipes, experiences, and tips too. I thoroughly enjoy the friendship because they make me feel that this one has no hidden agenda. Nobody tries to "bodek" me or wants me to "bodek" them. I feel that our friendship is a very sincere one. During every meeting, I always learn something new! And later, when I get the chance, I would then share what I've learnt with my other friends.

My aim of joining Tupperware (apart from getting products at dealer's price, and achieving some challenges and get rewarded with other Tupperware products) is to make Tupperware affordable to as many people as possible. When you become a member, and buy at dealer's price, it is not that expensive after all!!

I also intend to service Tupperware users - help them get replacements for their Tupperware containers/covers that are loose/broken/cracked due to wear and tear! With this kind of service, only then they can appreciate the Lifetime Warranty of Tupperware!!

When I started the MIT (Manager-in-Training) stint, it looked like an impossible task, but, hey, I did it!! Believing in yourself is very important, indeed!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all friends who have helped me achieving my target - be it by purchasing from me or by signing up with me. You are all TERRIFIC!!

Now I look forward to maintaining the momentum that I have now!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Back To School again!!

Well, not for me, of course! The kids are back to school, and we continue our 'schoolday' routine again...

It was only a 1-week semester break, but what a week it was!!
As usual, the busiest were the computers, TVs and PS2!!

We've been wanting to go to Petrosains, but we have yet to find the time. With me teaching on most days (even though for ony 2 hrs at one time), it was not easy to squeeze the trip. We need one full day for it, but either the kids had some other plans or I had classes (either just before noon, or after lunch time).

We however managed to have an outing on Thursday night. we took dinner at the Ikea Cafe, before heading to the nearby Cineleisure to watch the Spanish movie "Pan's Labyrinth". We arrived home past midnight!!

Well, kids, hopefully next August holidays we'll have more fun, when we get to go to Bali!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

School Holidays again!!

It's been 10 days now since my last posting. It looks like there was nothing worth reporting, which is quite true. It however does not indicate that I have been less busy - far from that!!

The 2 smaller boys (form 2 and form 3) came back for the school holidays, and the big brothers who are in MMU and college too took the chance to come home to be with the other siblings. Suddenly by last Friday night, the house was full (except for our big girl who had classes even over the weekends). I guess the happiest person would be our Aina, whose would normally be the only child at home with us, the parents.

Since Friday, I have made 3 rounds of "Dadih" for the family. Using the little tupperware "snack cups" makes the dadih look even more delicious, and they "disappear" very fast. Those who have tried the instant dadih would know how nice they taste!

We do not have any specific plan for the kids, but they enjoy the school holidays neverthe less.

This Saturday morning, the big girl, Nuni, will come home, just in time to meet no.4 who'd be returning to his school in Kelantan later that day. The plan now is to maybe have a quick outing on Sunday to Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson, to watch the raptors before we send no.5 back to school. The MNS Raptor Watch Week was last weekend, but only DH managed to go there on Saturday. Well.... we've been regular visitors to the event for several years, so I guess it's OK to miss it this year. We'll try to make it next year.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fauzi's Place After the Futsal

in progress...

To Fauzi, thank you for your great hospitality (read: nasi ayam kampung, pulut pagi,drinks and desserts). Thank you also for the 'dhobi' service, hehehe..

To Pok Le(JB), Mat Eid(Melaka) and Shukri(KB), I hope each of you had a safe journey home.
We promised to have our 30th anniversary (since we left school) grand dinner in 2009. In the mean time, I hope some of us can still keep up our regular meet-ups/lunches/teabreaks..

Futsal and Frienship

SEMESTA organised a futsal carnival today. My team (Class of 79) was the oldest team (in terms of member's age) but the youngest team in terms of formation - we only formed the team minutes before the first match! And within the first 30 minutes we even changed our manager!

Our team was placed in the 'veteran' group and yet we lost 4 matches and drew one :(

Anyway, we didn't really care if we lost all matches. To us, it was more about meeting good old friends. Some of us had not met since we left ourschool in December 1979!!

Some pix for the album:

in progress (hopefully i will remember to update ;-))
Those who can't play, were assigned to "security" division - jaga air and bags!

Getting ready for the first 'battle'

After the first match:

So we lost, so what...

Trying to discuss strategy, or finding excuses for losing? Have you ever seen any other team looking so happy despite losing?? Nah.. i don't think so...

PokLe said "the mind is willing but the body is not", Prof Mazlin said, "Wrong, both mind and body are willing, but there is some minor synchronisation problem between the two!"

Our first casualty (Dr Jjame), but no problem... we have not one but TWO of our own doctors (Dr Mat Eid and Dr Zuhaimi) on duty

Soon we found our Dr replacing the player!!

Whatever it was, a group photo is mandatory!! (and somebody had to call me over my phone right at that time!)

Selamat Pengantin Baru Rizal dan Shahila

Today is the wedding reception of the lucky couple, Rizal and Shahila. Both of them were at one time or another my students during my stint as a lecturer in UNISEL.

I received the invitation card to the wedding reception last week. Unfortunately, today too is the Futsal Carnival organised by my alumni where I am a committee member. I only arrived home close to 4pm, feeling tired and exhausted. I don't think I have the energy to go to the reception (never mind about being late).

So to both Rizal and Shahila, I wish happiness to you and may your marriage lasts forver!!!