Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Loy, Loy Krathong.... Loy, Loy Krathong....

coming soon..... ;-)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day Trip To Chiang Rai (or rather, The Golden Triangle)

On Friday we paid 1000Baht each for a 1-day trip to Chiang Rai and a few other destinations nearby.

Our tour van came to pick us first, then picked a couple of Dutch from Orchid Thai Hotel,
Orchid Thai Hotel

and another couple (American+Canadian) from Novotel Hotel (forgot to snap a pic of the hotel).

The itinerary is something like this: Hot Springs -> Temple -> Chiang Rai/Golden Triangle -> Mae Sai (Northern-most tip of Thailand, bordering with Myanmar) -> Hill Tribe -> Chiang Mai.

First stop, at the hotspring, where a lady there managed to get me to agree to buy the quail's eggs to be cooked in the hotspring.

Looking at our eggs in the hotspring! Sulphur-flavored?!

To be continued..
or... see more pix here.

Charming Chiang Mai

Last Thursday we took the Air Asia flight to Chiang Mai
yes, we got the (old) Red Devil. This is the 3rd time we got this particular plane.

We arrived in Chiang Mai 10.30am local time.

After checking in at Lanna House, Tha Pae Road (near Tha Pae Gate), we decided to go for a walk eastwards. We were happy to find a couple of halal restaurants, and decided to have a quick lunch:

and my tom yam kung, with ginger beef...

Later, after reading the maps that we took from the hotel, we found out that these restaurants are in the vicinity of At-Takwa Mosque:

We walked around the Night Bazaar area, but alas... it was only 4pm, and business hadn't started yet :-(
But we found a 99Baht bookshop where we purchased an interesting book, at, of course, 99Baht!

Well.... Nukman (no.5), Aina (no.6) and I are left-handers :-)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tired Travellers

After being offline since last thurs am, we are now back in LCCT waiting for our luggage. Not that we couldn't find any cybercafe, we just couldn't be bothered. Will blog more later when we get home.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another Outing

Today we are going to Chiangmai. Now waiting for our flight. At LCCT.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Old Friends...

Hey, aren't you supposed to be somewhere else?

Over Nasi Beriani

Nice break..

Meeting an old Friend

This is Assoc Prof Dr Khudzir, an old fren whom I've not meet since 1979.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wedding of the Year

Date : 18 Nov 2007
Place: Asam Kumbang, Taiping, Perak
The Happy couple: Norhan & Yushaiza

Well... maybe not to many, but it certainly was the wedding of the year to DH and his buddies. One of their friends finally tied the knot, and many of them didn't want to miss it. Many drove from places as far away as Johor Bahru, to be part of the kenduri@wedding reception.

One pic that sums up the feeling of that day:

To make it sweeter, they managed to meet up their former Biology & Chemistry teacher, Ms Helen Teoh, who had recently retired. Her last post was as the principal of Main Convent, Taiping. A few others arrived after this group picture was take... I think the head count (of the buddies/frens) was close to 30, if not more!!
And we the spouses ended up being the camera-ladies, so that all of them can be in the pic :-)

Today My Samsung Phone Died!

This morning, while trying to compose an sms, my samsung phone just went dead. I thought it couldn't be the battery, since I just got it re-charged last night. To confirm it, when I tried to recharge it, nothing happened.

I am soo sad,,, there are so many numbers kept in the phone. No doubt I have backup in my excel file in the desktop, but there are many new numbers that I didn't get to save :-(

My pledge:
Dear friends who read this blog, please e-mail me at sabariahmz@gmail.com your HP no. Chances are your number is not in the sim-card :-(

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Saw this just now on Guthrie Highway.


Oh no!

Finally:) the bride and groom

Over 20 former schoolmates come to congratulate him, many all the way from KL, like us.

Hubby with his former Chemistry Teacher

Hubby is happy to meet Ms Helen Teoh. She said he used to bully her. She was a new teacher then. Now she's retired.

Bullying their teacher

At hubby's fren's first wedding in Taiping. Some of his frens meeting their former chemistry teacher.
Correction: She taught both Biology and Chemistry! (posted on 19 Nov 2007)

Wild Orchids

That's K Ros' orchids, next door.

My Dragon Fruit Tree

The three were planted at the same time! This pic was taken yesterday at fraser's Hill.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tucking In the Whopper!

They must be starving!

View from Burger King, RnR Sg Buluh

We are here for lunch en route to Fraser's Hill.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My other IT Guru

Looking so serious?

My first Mobile Blog

I am sending this blog from my sony ericsson :)
Still am trying to figure out how to turn around the pix!

An Educational Outing

Well... this afternoon, I was out with DH, Nubli@Bok and Nafis. I went to collect my new international passport at Kompleks PKNS, S Alam. :-)

The boys followed us because they wanted to go to Shah Alam Mall (SAM) - to get new "supply" of PS2 games for the holidays.

While waiting for them at SAM, DH and I decided to try the "Pak Long Kopitiam". Since I wasn't really hungry, I opted for roti bakar and plain coffee. DH said the boy at the background of my pix "spoils" it, but when I look again at that pix, I realise that the boy is BOK!!!

Later the boys came to join us. Bok only ordered a drink but Nafis decided to have Char Kuey Teow (not so "char" to me!).. I snapped a couple of pix using my sony-ericsson:

Bok then taught me some tricks that the phone have, such as :

and how to take a few pix and stitch them (from 3 separate pix):

So, at the end of the meal, I knew more things that i can do with my phone :-)

I also look forward to be able to blog directly from my phone...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

IC - Just Before MyCard, some nostalgia....

DH came across this pix, taken just before we surrendered our IC (Identity card) for the now modern myCard.

Those two boys have since lost their baby fat!!!

We just realised that Nasri's card stated "Warganegara Islam" instead of just plain "warganegara" like the rest... I wonder why....

The School Holidays Are Here Again!

One of Nafis' favourite corners! (Good to be home, eh?)

Yes, today was the last school day for the schools in the states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedan & Perlis. And today too, we went to fetch our son, Nafis, who came back via Air Asia. Tomorrow we will be going to Seremban to fetch Nukman, whose last day of school will be tomorrow.

I am definitely happy to have my boys back home, but I think the happiest person would be Aina, who has been alone at home for most of the time. She always looks forward to any of her brothers or sister to come home.

When I asked Nafis what is his plan for the holidays, his answer was so simple: "Computer games, PS2 games, watch football"!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Raya Do for the day

Group Photo (taken just before we left)
Sitting: Salwani, Shamsiah, Rohani (hostess), Khalidah, Norita, Mek Dah's son
Standing: Nik Azman, Wan Hasamudin, Kamarulzaman, Baharudin, Sabariah(c'est moi!), Nuraini, Rusdi, Zuhdi

After the SEMESTA Raya meet, a few of us adjourned to Che Ani's house which is about 10-15 mins away. We also managed to convinced 2 juniors, Salma and Ruslina, to come along.

Waiting there were Che Ani, and another friend, Khalidah aka Mek Dah, who came all the way from Kota Tinggi. Mek Dak took the train from Johor Bahru last night and arrived early this morning,

Initially Both Mek Dah and Che Ani wanted to join the SEMESTA's function, but Che Ani had other commitments, so we ended up meeting them at Che Ani's place.

Some of the pix taken soon after we arrived:

I took the opportunity to have a pix of me with Rusdi taken (difficult to meet him!! Big shot, this guy is..). Rusdi knows my in-laws very well.

Then serious "updating" on each other, and on others who are absent too :-). Let's go round the dining table:

Close up of the ladies:

Sporting husbands (including the host, on LHS) getting to know each other:

Before leaving the place, we had the group photo taken (as seen at the top of this blog). These two ladies didn't want to to be in the group pix since (according to them) they don't belong to our batch. But we managed to get a pix of them with the hostess:

Thank you Ani for your hospitality. She's hosted such gathering THREE times already!!! Really a record!! Next station?? Bandar Sungai Rinching (hinting Kojak)??